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Anon's space

Hey there! This place is home to my projects, which are all crypto related. They've been made out of bordom, curiosity, or good ol' greed. Hope you like them!
The tools are in continuous development, so feedback, complaints, ideas, even blatant requests for things are most welcome: anons.space@protonmail.com


Bitcoin blockchain analysis

More in depth than the common network stat tracker. This is a tiny snippet, there are months of data and more indicators to fiddle with, and it's always gathering new blocks.

News aggregator

An aggregate of various RSS feeds (coindesk, CNBC, and others) showing only crypto news.
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Price movement indicator

A small tool for custom alerts of price changes, they look like this, and ring a ding if you wish. Only Binance available right now. (More like nothing is available right now, but I want to really iron this thing out)
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Token discussions board

A very experimental board where you can only access the boards by holding ERC20 tokens. It works by asking the user to sign a message, it then checks which tokes the signin address holds, and only then granting access to certain boards. For example there could be a LINK board where only people with 1000 or more LINK can see it and post on it, so to see it, a user would need to sign with an address that holds 1000 or more LINK.

Contact: anons.space@protonmail.com
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