Market movement scanning tools

A collection of alert based tools for spotting trends on binance.

- Price movement scanner

Tool that checks every pair on an exchange and alerts of price movements, it's customizable with plenty of options. Only Binance available for now. Yeah, it beeps too. Everything connects through websockets so it should be pretty fast. Here's an example alert:

ETH-BTC / +50%
Now: 0.045
5m ago: 0.03
- Volume movement scanner
- Order book scanner

News aggregator

An aggregate of various RSS feeds (coindesk, CNBC, and others) showing only crypto news. It's transitioning into a public sentiment dashboard, very slowly. Great read on the shitter. Here's a snippet of how it looks now:

{{new Date(article.publishTime).toStringShortTime()}} {{article.title}}

Bitcoin blockchain analysis

More in depth than the common network stat tracker. I haven't found the data to be very useful for short/mid term (we'll have to wait for the long term result) trading, although it's clearly not a random mess, so there's something in there... somewhere. It's really fun to theorize with though.
BTC moved sub 100BTC txs / BTC moved over 100BTC txs / BTC Price



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